Monday, October 2, 2023

Arm Tech Talk: Accelerating People Detection with Arm Helium vector extensions

Watch Cedric Nugteren showcase Plumerai’s People Detection on an Arm Cortex-M85 with Helium vector extensions, running at a blazing 13 FPS with a 3.7x speed-up over Cortex-M7.

Cedric delves deep into Helium MVE, providing a comprehensive comparison to the traditional Cortex-M instruction set. He also demonstrates Helium code for 8-bit integer matrix multiplications, the core of deep learning models.

He shows a live demo on a Renesas board featuring an Arm Cortex-M85, along with a preview of the Arm Ethos-U accelerator, ramping up the frame rate even further to 83 FPS. Additionally, he showcases various other Helium-accelerated AI applications developed by Plumerai.