Friday, December 15, 2023

Plumerai’s highly accurate People Detection and Familiar Face Identification AI are now available on the Renesas RA8D1 MCU

Discover the power of our highly efficient, on-device AI software, now available on the new Renesas RA8D1 MCU through our partnership with Renesas. In the video below, Plumerai’s Head of Product Marketing, Marco, showcases practical applications in the Smart Home and for IOT, and demonstrates our People Detection AI and Familiar Face Identification AI models.

The Plumerai People Detection AI fits on almost any camera with its tiny footprint of 1.5MB. It outperforms much larger models on accuracy, and achieves 13.6 frames per second on the RA8’s Arm Cortex-M85. Familiar Face Identification is a more complex task and requires multiple neural networks running in parallel, but still runs at 4 frames per second on the Arm Cortex-M85, providing rapid identifications.

All Plumerai models are trained on our diverse dataset of over 30 million images; our proprietary data tooling ensures that only good-quality and highly relevant data is utilized. Our models are proven in the field, and you can try them for yourself in your web browser: